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‘A Day With The Aliens’ Story by 11 year old Bookosmian from Chennai

Read with Sara story by Adwaith

Hey guys! My name is Ray Jones and I am about to tell you a strange incident that happened to me.


Two years ago, I was sitting in my room studying for my exams having even refused to have dinner.


After preparing for my exams, I went out to get some fresh air. I looked up at the dark night and said “How beautiful!”. I saw a streak of light in the sky and followed it. Suddenly, I felt myself getting picked up into the sky. I fainted.


I woke up to the sound of a person yelling, “Species number 661 captain –they are called humans.”


When I opened my eyes, I saw that the speaker was an alien. Another alien being, with big bulging eyes, said: “Thank you Commander.”


He paused to look at me. “So, human…”


I interrupted him “How do you know my language?”, I asked.


“Who are you and where am I?”, I screamed.


“Calm down my friend. My name is Twackey. We have a machine on board called the Languaphone which allows us to understand and speak other languages and are plugged in inside our ears. You are on board the Starlight V-7,” he said. Then he helped me stand up.


“Brrrrr”, my stomach started to growl. I hadn’t had my dinner and was hungry.


“Hungry, are you? Well, me too,” Twackey said with a smile.


He led me into a huge room and offered me food. I was happy and shocked at the same time to see that it wasn’t some alien food but something that I was used to eating.


“Our chef, Mr Rabuto, knows how to prepare all kinds of food that different species eat,” Twackey explained to me seeing my reaction.


After eating, he took me on a tour of the spaceship. He showed me a 5-D simulator, a theater for space shows, an in-built amusement park and a library.


Seeing all the books in the library made me think of my home and I started feeling home-sick. Sensing me, Twackey said to me, “ Feeling homesick huh?”


“I am sorry but I have to go home now,” I said. He smiled at me affectionately. “I understand. Bye Ray!”, he said.


I bid him goodbye too.


Then, in a flash, I appeared on my bed. But…but…I thought. I didn’t go to bed, or did I? I looked up hoping it had all been real.



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