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Anushka Pandit

16 Years

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Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School


‘Don’t judge a child’ Poem by 14 year old Bookosmian from Delhi

read with Sara dont judge a child poem Bookosmia

It might look as if I ‘m not paying attention
Have you ever lived my life?
Or spent a minute in my shoe?
If you haven’t then tell me why,
You judge me as you do?

When I didn’t react,
You called me HEARTLESS,
When I react and burst up,
You say ‘crying is my business’
I ask people if I’m right,
And they ignore me straight,
I ask myself if you are right,
And I have no reply.

Then tell me who are you?
If you don’t know me, then tell me why
You JUDGE ME as you do.

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