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‘Christmas is here!’ A cheerful poem by 9 year old Bookosmian from Texas, USA

christmas poem from Katy Texas Bookosmia
Christmas with Sara festivals for kids with Bookosmia
Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here!
Christmas is almost here and I love the festivities in the air. But not as much as I love reading these wonderful write ups from kids across the world!
Today’s cheerful poem is by 9 year old  Alesha Jariwala from Katy, Texas, USA.
Poem on kindness with Sara for kids by Alesha Katy USA Booksmia
Alesha loves writing about different topics and she loves travelling and exploring world. She is 9 and very much into arts and science. She wants to be an author when she grows up.



Christmas is here
All the towns with holiday cheer!
Santa and his elves
With the cookies to themselves.


The snow and the ice
The nutcracker and mice,
All the colorful lights
They shine so bright.

The gingerbread spice
Oh! It smells so nice
All kids with their toys
They are filled with joys.

Santa comes through the full moon
With all surprises and boon.
The star on the tree
Oh Christmas! You have some glee.


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