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Rohit R

14 Years

53 Years

St Thomas Residential School


YOLO :You Only Live Once | Poem by 15 year old from Thiruvananthapuram

Live life to the fullest, writes 15 year old Rohit from Thiruvananthapuram in this motivational poem- YOLO, you only live once.

adventure life poem bookosmia
Atop mountain peaks
Chasing something bright
Waves of tides
Thoughts, so wide.
Do it all
Even if it is a high big risk
These are causes that make life
bungee jumping life bookosmia poem
Somewhere deep
Somewhere steep
Find the light
And touch the skies
Ride the waves
Learn to fly
Dark times will come
But find the star
Don’t be afraid to go deep
Strive to be at height
These are ways of our life.

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