Mihika Mukherjee

15 Years

Amity International School


Favorite Season: Queen Of Spring| Poem by 15 year old

What is your favourite season? 15 year old Mihika from Gurgaon writes about her favourite season in this beautiful poem.

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Favorite season : Queen Of Spring

Awakened by the gentle breeze

The queen of spring descends on earth,

Ushering in a new season

Full of happiness, joy, love, and bliss


Her eyes clear as the blue sky

Her face soft in the sunlight’s glow

Emerald green hair cascades down her back

Like ripples in the flowing water


A crown of tulips adorns her head

As she glides through the meadows

Hyacinths blossom all around her

Nightingale’s symphony announces her arrival


Heaven parts to let the angels glimpse

At the rare beauty, the Queen of Spring.

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