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Endangered: Stop Animal Cruelty| Blog by 10 year old from Kolkata

Animals deserve to be treated better, writes 10 year old Samriddha from Kolkata in this passionate essay. What do you feel?

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Among our best friends, little creatures take an important position.  When our parents aren’t there with us, these animals accompany us.

Unfortunately, some of us tend to harm pets.

In my opinion some people keep pets just for showing off. Some poor animals don’t even receive food and water properly.

Everyone says that dogs are the best friends of human beings. If so, why are so many stray dogs harassed badly?

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I can’t understand what’s the problem if a dog or a cat comes and sits in front of people’s houses? Or if a little bird sits on their roof. Why do they drive them off so rudely?

These are all about the domestic animals. But people’s greed have reached such a peak that they are also killing wild animals.

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Now enough is enough. Mother Earth isn’t only for humans. She has made this planet for every creature – big and small. So we have no right to kill animals like these. We are all stepping towards our destruction because all of us are interdependent. If the flora and fauna aren’t there, then we’ll not be there too. It’s not too late. We still have to correct ourselves.

                        The first thing we should do is to stop treating them badly. We must care for them. We can give some food and water to the stray animals and in return they will also give us love.  We may also provide a bowlful of water and grains to the birds so that they can rest and have a sip of water and food.

                          We have to take steps towards our wild animals too. They don’t attack us until we disturb them. People must stop trading rhino’s horns and elephant’s tusks. Already many animals are endangered and some have already gone extinct. But it’s good that the government is gradually taking steps towards this matter.

They are converting some national parks for homeless wild animals. They include Kaziranga National Park in Assam, Sundarban National Park in West Bengal, Gir National Park in Gujarat etc.

                         Now we should stop harming these natural beauties and start taking steps to protect them. This way, we will be happy as will be our Mother Earth.

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