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Rahul Khamari

15 Years

53 Years

J.M.J English Medium School, Kantabanji


Teachers : A life without you? | Poem by 15 year old from Odisha

We can never thank our teachers enough, writes 15 year old Rahul from Kantabanji, Odisha in poem.
World Teachers Day - My teacher, my guide, my friend
Like trees full of knowledge ,

Thy feed the hungry students for life.
They blow life in their veins
As they grow knowledge in their life
To make the student’s life meaningful,
Is thy supreme duty,
And none other than a teacher’s knowledge,
Is supreme beauty.
The lamp that sheds darkness away,
To present the students a way.
The darkness is nothing but illiteracy
Which can only be cleared by a teacher’s literacy.
Thy in our life are like the air,
That flows everywhere.
The air unlike others
never speak it’s value,
But is the supreme need
 of the mankind indeed.
Life is full of passing clouds that just come and pass,
But unlike them teachers are the holy sky of the light and dark,
Who always have their hands supporting us
No matter what our benchmark.
Thy blessing is the reason for my confidence,
The reason that I am grateful forever,
And a life without teachers,
Is the worst nightmare to see ever.

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