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‘A place you have to visit’ -An exciting story by 11 year old Bookosmian from Chennai

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It was a pleasant evening.


I was watching my favourite cartoon, then I played  carom with my mom, dad and sister. After that my sister and I went out to play with our friends. After an hour, we were bored so we decided to go to the museum. We took our bicycle and went to the museum.

After two hours at the museum, we decided to go to home but when we were getting ready to leave, I saw a place opposite the museum.  The name of the place was ‘DREAMS.’  I wanted to go in but it was too late, so we went to our home. The next day I went inside that place.


A lady asked me, “What is your favourite insect?”

I replied, “Ladybug”.


Then she gave me a ticket and told to go to the second room. When I entered
there, whoosh! A light appeared! I couldn’t see anything, so I closed my eyes  because it was too bright. I opened my eyes after a few seconds and I looked  around. It was an odd place.

Suddenly a monitor appeared and said, “Welcome to level 1. In this level you  should cross the river. Your special powers are moving objects without  touching them.” Then it disappeared. Then I looked at the monitor near me  and the year was 2026.


I exclaimed, “Oh my god! if it is 2026, I will be 21 years old.”

I thought that I should finish all my levels and go home soon. Then I looked at  the river. It was almost 20 kilo metres!

I remembered my superpowers. I looked at the river and tried to move the  water and it moved. Then I crossed the river. After that the monitor appeared  and said, “Congratulations! You have completed level 2. You should go to the  top of building,” and then it disappeared.

Then I saw the building. It was like a dream. It was like 40 kilometres away then I walked and walked and walked. Finally I reached the building and I went to the  top of the building and the monitor again appeared and said,
“Congratulations! You have completed the 3rd level. You should find yourself  and see what you are.” Again, it disappeared. I was also eager to know. Then I  ran into the building. I said that I have an appointment in my name. So they asked me to go to the first floor. I took the steps and I climbed and climbed and I finally found MYSELF. I was amazed.


It was like a dream and then I asked myself, “What am I?”

I got the answer that I was a famous fashion designer. I was so happy then we  had a walk together and we talked so much about us. Then I woke up. I couldn’t
believe what had happened. Then I created a time machine and went to the  future and it was all true. I was so happy!


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