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Why is the moon angry? | Story by Arihaan, 10, Hoshiarpur

Why is the moon angry? 10-year-old Arihaan from Hoshiarpur tells us in this creative story about planets that teaches us about them as well! 

Monday motivation - Learning to change from the moon

“I am leaving you,” said Moon.


“But why?” Earth was curious. 


“People living on you have never let me live in peace because of artificial satellites,” replied Moon. “So many artificial satellites are revolving around you and I feel disturbed and jealous. Once, I used to be your only satellite. But no one values me anymore.  I am leaving you.”

An angry Moon left Earth. 


Earth waved him goodbye with teary eyes but Moon didn’t even bother to reply.


Moon travelled a few million kilometres. Finally, he reached the planet Venus and said, “Hey little brother of my planet Earth, can I be your satellite please?”


After thinking for some time, the brightest planet Venus replied, “Yes you can be my satellite, but what about Earth?”  Moon explained how he was feeling about Earth to Venus. 


Now, Moon happily started revolving around Venus.  But as we know Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system. Moon started feeling very hot. He said, “Sorry planet Venus, but you are too hot. I have to search for some other planet.”


He reached planet Mars and asked, “Can I be your satellite please?”


“Uhm, you were the satellite of Earth, right?”


“Yes, but not anymore,” replied Moon angrily and told him the whole story. Mars agreed. 


Now, Moon became the satellite of Mars, but as we know Mars has two satellites- Phobos and Deimos.


“Ah, you silly pieces of stones, you should be used for construction purposes,” Moon teased. 


“Yeah, you can call us pieces of stones but we are not ungrateful like you who leaves and run away from his best friend,” Deimos said.


Moon felt ashamed and ran away. “These stones who call themselves satellites were very rude, I must go to the politest and the largest planet, Jupiter. I must be his satellite.” Moon thought. 


Moon was about to reach the largest planet-Jupiter. As he went a little close to Jupiter, he felt that something was pulling him with too much force. He started struggling and was too scared. He thought he would sink into it. He used his full strength and finally ran away from the orbit of Jupiter. Moreover, he felt very cold also.


He thought of travelling further but Jupiter warned him that the planets further are even colder.


So, after thinking very deeply, Moon realised that everything was nearly perfect with Earth. Now, Moon started to feel homesick. He went back to Earth. The Earth welcomed him back with open arms. Moon felt sorry and started revolving around its best friend in a relaxed way. He felt so homely. 


Since then, both are living happily.

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