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12 Years

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BUXI Jagabandhu English Medium School (BJEMS-II)


Mandala for Mindfulness | Art by Suvali, 13, Bhubaneswar

Have you drawn a Mandala? 13-year-old Suvali from Bhubaneswar writes about why she makes them and shares her work. 

mandala art kids bookosmia mindfulness

A mandala is a circular design. In Sanskrit, Mandala means a circle. Mandalas have a point in the centre from where a design develops. They could have different symbols and shapes. 

mandala art bookosmia kids mindfulness


Mandala art is my passion. I thought of sharing this with you so that you also start doing them (if you haven’t already). Making mandalas are known to be therapeutic and great for mindfulness. 


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