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Create your own poem rules, like me | By published author Dev,9, Bangalore

What if you could create your own poetry rules? 9-year-old publisher author Dev from Bangalore has a delightful poetry scheme for us! 

My own poetry rules bookosmia dev varun

My poetry scheme has : 


4 lines of poetry

5 words in each line

1st and 3rd line will rhyme,

2nd and 4th line will rhyme

Is a first person address to an object or an animal (basically, no humans allowed!) 


And here goes my attempt! 


Dear dog


You can’t lift a log

You bark at a thief

You go for a jog

Your guarding is a relief.


Dear Pot


You are so very hot

Oh you can cook anything

You can cook a lot

With fire, you have links.


What did you think of my poetry scheme? Can you also make poems with these rules? 

Do check out my published poetry activity book ‘ I Can Rhyme’ available here

I can rhyme Dev published writer bookosmia


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