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Aryaveer Chugh

12 Years

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Why I Don’t Want to Grow Up | Blog by Aryaveer,11,Delhi

Did you enjoy being a child? 11-year-old Aryaveer from Delhi writes about not wanting to grow up.

Lego blocks spacecraft - Dear grandpa, guess what I made?

There are many things in life that can only be done up until a certain age, and once that age has passed, we are told that we should either be more responsible and stop doing these things because we are adults, or we begin to believe that as adults, it is time to put relics of our childhood away.

However, I don’t want to grow up because I want to continue doing the things I did as a child.

When I look at my elders, I observe that as a grownup, you have more responsibilities, including looking after your family and career, but as a child, you don’t have to worry about your food, sleep, or other things because your parents will take care of you. Our parents do spoil us a bit and give us whatever we want.

Being an adult must be challenging because one must acquire everything necessary for survival.

I don’t want to grow and stop doing the things I want to do, like building Legos, collecting toy cars and Pokemon cards, playing with sand and clay, and a lot of other things. Even though I don’t play with these items anymore, I want to keep them as a memory, despite everyone telling me that it is time to grow up and put these things away.

I believe that occasionally playing with childish toys is not an indication that you aren’t growing up, but rather that you are bringing back old memories.

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