Dia Sheoran Chhajta

7 Years

Nirmal Bhartia School, Dwarka


The Duck & the Rabbit| Story by Dia,7, Delhi

Illustrated stories are always heartwarming! 7-year-old Dia from Delhi writes a story about two friends in the forest, a rabbit and a duck.

Duck and the rabbit story kids bookosmia

Once upon a time in the forest, there lived a duck and a rabbit who were good friends. One day, while the rabbit was taking a walk in the forest, a hunter appeared suddenly and caught the rabbit! He screamed and screamed for help.

Hearing his cries, the duck ran to him as fast as she could and tore the net apart with her beak. The rabbit was free!

A few days later, the duck was swimming in her pond when a man tried to catch hold of her in the water. “Help me!” the duck cried. The rabbit heard the duck and attacked the man and saved her.

Thus, whenever they were in need, the two friends helped each other out.

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