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Rishabh Baheti

13 Years



On the wings of a thousand things | Poem by Rishabh,13, Surat

Walks in the forest- serene or scary? 13-year-old Rishabh from Surat writes a beautiful poem about nature inducing a sense of calm.

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Amidst the verdant trees I walk,
Through the forest tall and grand,
And as I hear all nature talk,
I feel my heart and soul expand.

The towering trunks, the rustling leaves,
The gentle sway of branches high,
A symphony of sighing weaves,
A lullaby that soothes the eye.

The birds that chirp and sing in glee,
The squirrels that scamper with delight,
A world that is alive and free,
A sight that fills me with delight.

The fragrant blooms that line the path,
The cool, crisp air that fills my lungs,
The soothing calm that Nature hath,
A feeling that cannot be wrong.

For in this forest, tall and green,
I find a peace that fills my heart,
A tranquil place, a world serene,
Where I can rest, and play my part.

So let me walk among the trees,
And breathe in all that Nature brings,
And feel my soul take flight with ease,
On the wings of a thousand things.

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