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Who is ruling the world? Read Essay with Sara

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Who is ruling the world?

It was nearly time to sleep, I was watching news on the television.  The news was about nature. I then wrote an essay about ‘rulers of the world’. I had mentioned a few countries that according to me were ruling the world. Then I went to bed to sleep. 


At midnight I heard a voice. It was nature! It was talking to me through the  breeze coming in from my window. 


Nature asked, “What is your name and where are you from?”


I replied, “My name is Tejaashree and I am from India.”


Nature asked, “Do you want to ask me something?”


I replied, “Yes, Which country are you from?”


Nature laughed at me and said, “The entire world is mine.”


I asked, “You are saying that the entire world is yours? Then are you ruling this world? No. I don’t believe that. To my knowledge, countries like USA, China, Russia, Italy and my India are ruling the world.


Once again Nature laughed and said, “So many times I have demonstrated this but I think it is time to remind you. Nature has been there before you humans existed and will be long after you also. You must have heard of tsunamis,  cyclone and earthquakes. Also Spanish Flu, plague, cholera and now Covid-19 or coronavirus. Life exists because I, nature am in balance but you do not appreciate it. Suppose I decide not to stay in harmony anymore. What would happen? Now tell me who is ruling the world?”


I was tongue tied. I had no answers. The wind flew out of the window, with it nature went too. I am still thinking about what nature said. 


So, friends what do you think?  Who is ruling the world?

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