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Liza and the Stars- Read story with Sara

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There lived a little girl named Liza. She was very cute. Liza loved to watch the  moon and the twinkling stars. Every night she used to sleep while watching the stars.

One day in her dreams she saw a big dragon eating away all the stars. Liza got  very upset and shared her dream with her dad. Seeing Liza crying, her dad  decided to make her happy. He planned to get rid of the dragon.


Liza’s dad created an art with an artificial dragon, stars and the moon. He  showed Liza how the dragon came and started eating the stars. But all of a  sudden while eating stars, the dragon went off to sleep. Then her father tied  him up and left him back in the forest.


Liza and her dad both sat together watching the stars twinkling and the moon  shining again in the sky. Liza was very happy and she thanked her dad.

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