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Who am I? An imperfect perfectionist| Poem by 15 year old

How would you describe your life? 15 year old Diya from Kolkata highlights the often contradictory ways we live that makes us special as she reflects on the big question “Who Am I”

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Who Am I?

I am a big city girl with small town interests.

In the world of carbonated drinks and 5-star restaurants,

I am sharing a coconut water with my brother in the gully.

A family of finding solace in the little things is who we are.


I am from the little laughs shared with four generations…

A silly joke on television as ten pairs of eyes watch,

Make the wrinkles etch into smiles each night as we gather.

I am from a family of finding time to spend with each other.


I am from the world of fictional characters and happily ever afters.

My head stays in the clouds, clouded with thoughts, every minute

The first light in my day is that of the light and not the sun.

I am from enjoying my time alone, reading, thinking, striving.


I am from a family living nationally with international values.

Mindset of a modern family with values of the past.

I was taught independence and religion.

I am an imperfect perfectionist.

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  1. Awesome Diya, you enjoy the smallness in the galaxy, remember being small and enjoying the vastness is a beautiful perception of life.
    You will know yourself with in yourself.

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