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Save Water | Poem by 12 year old from Khanna, Ludhiana

12 year old Saksham from Khanna makes a strong plea to all of us to save water for a better tomorrow, in this compelling poem.

save water bookosmia

Art work by 10 year old Bookosmian Aditi Vashishta from Bangalore.


Water is a human need,
But we are wasting it in greed.
It is a precious resource to man,
We have to protect it because we can.

Here are some tips to be ‘waterwise’,
As saving it would be nice.
First of all we have to comprehend,
The places where water is spent.

Industries are a major cause,
It is time we take a pause.
Life on earth we have to preserve,
And for that every drop we have to conserve.

Leakages we have to prevent,
Repair the taps that are little bent.
Save water in every way,
Or we will not have it one day.


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