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Ishaa Tarannum

11 Years

53 Years

St.Peters High School


India in 2047 : My vision | Blog by 12 year old from Hyderabad

What is your vision for India? 12 year old Ishaa from Hyderabad tells us her beautiful dream for India on its 100th Independence day.

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2047 probably looks like any other year but it would mean a lot to us as a nation as in that year, India would be celebrating its 100th independence day.

In 2047, I want to see India widely diverse but without any kind of discrimination. I want to see everyone getting equal opportunities, where every woman can walk safely on roads. I want to see our nation with very less crime rate and I also want to see people of my country properly educated and healthy.

If all of this can be possible in 2047, our country will be an ideal country where there will be no judging of people by seeing their gender,economic background, religion or caste.

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