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Jiya Goenka

13 Years

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Where are our minds off to? | Essay| By 13 year old from Kolkata

13 year old Jiya Goenka from Kolkata shares her thoughts on how our ideas, when given shape, can make the world a better place.

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It is said that our minds are focused for only five seconds in a minute in the
present. Then where are our minds off to for the rest of the time?


Yes, our minds are occupied in our thoughts. Every now and then thoughts or different ideas crop up in our minds. These ideas actually help us to shape our  lives and help us do something in the future.


For example, when we decide to eat Maggi on a certain day, we have been thinking about it beforehand. These thoughts are minor ones and are a part of our daily lives. But what makes a difference in our lives is our big thoughts and our dreams which we thrive on, to achieve our desired goals.

It was a random day while I was sitting by my window and watching the view  outside the window. I realized I could just see skyscrapers and residential  buildings with roads and cars on it. The sky was full of black smoke and I could  hardly see any trees.


The next thing I thought was of Ooty, where I went last  summer and over there the place was full of trees, the air was fresh and a  clean river was flowing by.  It was such a beautiful place and picturesque scene. I wished I  could have stayed in a place like that, with nature right beside me keeping my  mind fresh and healthy. The oxygen produced by the trees would reduce the  pollution and surround us with fresh blowing air.

The next moment a thought cropped up in my mind, that maybe on my terrace I should plant new trees and even tell others to do so. I spread this message  across my relatives and friends and told them to even spread as far as they  could. I thought even if one person planted one tree it would make much of a difference. I even wrote a letter to the Municipal Corporation of Kolkata to  plant more trees on the road.

After a year or two, when one day I again sat beside my window viewing outside, I felt so much better than before and felt nature was beside me. I was filled with pride that one random thought had made a difference in the city.


Thoughts come to everyone and we should share our thoughts with others to  make the thing possible and should not keep it within ourselves. This way if we  act on our positive thoughts, we can help create a better world and  motivate others to do the same.


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