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Do unicorns still exist? Story

Unicorn story for kids with Sara by Bookosmia

“Do you know unicorns still exist?” whispered Olivia to Aubrey.

Aubrey frowned at her.


They were sitting on their favorite middle seat in their yellow school bus.


“Here is the story behind it,” said Olivia with a smile, as though she was going  to open a treasure box. 

Long ago, there was a prince who knew the whereabouts of the only unicorn left in the world. Because unicorn horns are magical, there were many evil  people who wanted to kill the Unicorn and get that magic. For this reason, the prince had vowed to the Unicorn never to reveal his hiding place.

One day, the old king passed away and the prince became the king. The prince  had many servants. One of them was faithful, but not kind. One night the  servant heard the prince talking in his sleep.

The prince said, “Unicorn, unicorn, never shall I tell. That across the lake is  where you dwell. In a hidden cave beyond the dell, there you shall stay, hidden so well.”

The next morning, the servant set to find the unicorn and bring his magical  horn. The servant went through very dense rocky caves to reach the secret  spot. The unicorn heard a human approaching and got worried as the  footsteps were unfamiliar. It fled deep into the caves, and thus the very last Unicorn was never seen again.

Perhaps, he is still there.”

The school bell rang, and all the children ran to their classes. So did Aubrey and Olivia.

That same night Aubrey woke up to find his tiny unicorn toy on the window sill. It was kept on the shelf next to the window for months now.


Interestingly no other toy had fallen or flown on the window sill.


She sat up straight on her bed, and thought, “Now that I know the secret story  of the unicorn, did the real unicorn come to visit me?”


She looked at her tiny unicorn toy and smiled.


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