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Dhoni-My favourite sportsperson | Bookosmia

Dhoni fans, here is 13 year old Gofiaa from Chennai sharing a well researched write up on her favourite player- Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Read with Sara story on Dhoni Bookosmia


My favourite sports person is Dhoni. Not only because of his helicopter shot  but for his inspiring life story. So here is Mahindra Singh Dhoni’s life story.

Dhoni was not born to a rich family but to a middle class family in Ranchi,  Jharkhand. His father was an employee in a junior post. His mom was a house  wife. He had an elder brother and an elder sister.

During his school days, he was a good goal keeper. On seeing his capabilities,  his school’s cricket coach asked him whether he would be interested to take  part in cricket coaching. At first Dhoni hesitated, but later agreed. His coach  wanted him to become a wicket keeper so he always made him keep wickets.


Dhoni was also fond of batting but his coach wouldn’t allow him to bat. Once,  the coach went out and they kept practicing. At that time Dhoni batted for the  first time. He batted pretty well. At that time coach came and he was surprised by his abilities for batting. He trained him for both batting and wicket keeping. Dhoni played in under 16 matches and he performed well.


After that he played many matches and focused only on cricket. During his  high school, once he had his exams and match practice on the same day. Both were important to him so he decided to finish exams quickly, then pick a train  and go to matches. He would be really exhausted after practices but he  -studied for the next day exam.


After he finished school, he got a job in railway station as ticket examiner. He  didn’t want to go to that job but due to his parent’s will he did. He worked there for two to three years. Once, he asked himself why he should do this job as he is passionate about cricket. He believed in himself, that someday he would  achieve. So, he gathered courage and asked his dad about quitting his job and  taking cricket as his career. Dhoni’s father agreed because he believed in him.


After that, he played numerous matches at different levels and in different formats like Test, One Day and IPL. Then he was recognized and became a part of Indian team. He rescued the team during a lot of critical matches. After Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement, Dhoni was chosen  as captain for Indian team. Everyone in the team would admire Dhoni for his techniques, calmness and the way of bringing everyone together. He has received Padma Bhushan award from the President of India.


Dhoni is married to Sakshi and they have a daughter named Ziva.


According to me success came to his life was because he believed in himself.


He may have retired from international cricket but he is still a person who inspires many people. So, that was the life story of ‘Captain Cool!’



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