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‘When Santa hired me as a helper’ Story by 8 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

Santa's helper story by kids Christmas with Sara Bookosmia

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Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here!

Hurray!! December is here which means Christmas and New Year festivities. Here is hoping that the next year will be nothing like this one.


Today’s write up by 8 year old Nirav Prakash from Kolkata imagines him being hired as Santa’s helper and what that will entail 🙂

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Nirav is a happy go lucky child. He is an observant child who uses his daily events around him and creates wonderful stories out of them. He loves to read books as well as newspaper. He likes adventure travel and takes lot of photos. A collector of transformers robots and likes to watch Marvels Avenger and Disney’s cartoons. Nirav goes to La Martiniere for Boys, Kolkata and is a student of Word Munchers.


Last year, when I wrote a letter to the Santa, I expressed my desire to work for
him. I was overwhelmed when this year, I heard from Santa.


He wanted to hire me. I am very creative and amazing in making animal figures so Santa gave me the job of making different animal toy figures.


When I entered the factory, I was  amazed by seeing the huge architecture with little elves working diligently on   their designated spots. On my first day  of the job, I made a beautiful bird by toothpicks. Santa was impressed and  many elves who were so far distant, became co-operative after seeing my creative work. A few became my good friends too.


After every hour, we got a break and one of my elf friend suggested that we  should go out of the factory to feed some cookies to Santa’s reindeers and to  my surprise, the reindeers loved eating cookies. The moment we stepped out  of the factory, I nearly froze as the weather was nippy. We quickly met and fed  the reindeers and rushed inside the factory and I drank two glasses of hot  cider.

I made a lot of toy animals and Santa was extremely happy seeing my creative work. Before leaving, I requested Santa if he could hire me again next year. I  would come up with more creative and amazing toys as this was my most  memorable experience.


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