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Emotions-Why you shouldn’t give the remote to others| Essay | Bookosmia

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Emotions – Why you shouldn’t give the remote to others 

The most natural thing in the world is emotion. It comes from within us like sadness, happiness and anger. Everyone knows this so why am I writing about this today? It’s because even though our emotions are ours, they aren’t always dependent on us.


Some other person’s words or actions make us happy or angry or sad. Sometimes we want someone to make us happy to change our mood. Sometimes we don’t even enjoy our own company, looking to others for it.


It is worth thinking about it. Why do we give someone else the key to controlling our emotions? 

What’s worse is that sometimes we let someone we don’t know spoil our mood.


The best company for a person is themselves. Having said that, I don’t support the idea that you should cut yourself from the society. Being social is as important as meditation and yoga. But it is very much important to love yourself and spend time with yourself. 


We often tend to change our nature, our passion, our ambition or our habits according to society but what is a society? It is a place where people of different ideals and backgrounds live together. If we start worrying about ‘what people will say’, we will not be able to do anything of our own. 


It is best to listen to the voice inside you and do what you want to do.  Take ideas from the society but don’t blindly change yourself just because someone else is doing it. If you do so, you will become a part of the crowd and that I am sure you don’t want to be!

Don’t try to change completely for others. Love yourself because you are the best, and most important don’t give the remote of your emotions to others!


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