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When my drums came alive| Story by Samriddha,10, Kolkata

What if a musical instrument came alive? 10-year-old Samriddha from Kolkata imagines this hilarious and pretty cool scenario with her drums!

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If a drum came alive

It is the worst idea to make a musical instrument talk. But if I had to, I guess I would pick a drum. But hold on, this wasn’t a great idea as I found out.

                It was a lovely morning. I opened my eyes and suddenly heard ‘bang bang’ noises.

I found it quite weird so I rushed to check on what had happened. Seeing the scene I collapsed on the floor, scratching my head. A drum was talking and walking!

The drum was a stubborn instrument and always kept on following me wherever I went like a pet dog. Only the waging tail and the ‘woof’ was missing. It was really embarrassing going in front of my friends with that banging drum. When it wanted me to play it, it would say “BANG BANG Play BANG me BANG!!” And I had to, forcefully though I didn’t know how to play it, or else the drum would bang so loudly that it was sure to burst all ears.

                At midnight, I could hear it banging on the roof. I went to it and asked, “What’s the matter with you?” The answer made my head spin. It answered “It is my voice practising time till morning, BANG BAAAANG! And I BANG shall do it BAANG!”

 Somehow I tried to sleep putting cotton in my ears, covering them with two pillows etc but no luck. The neighbours were also mad at the drum and shouted, “You are spoiling our sleep.”

Then I gave up trying to sleep and sat quietly with sleepy moist eyes.

                Suddenly, I fell asleep and when I woke, I saw a book named ‘If a musical instrument could talk’ lying beside me. I laughed and giggled heartily. I thought, ” I was just reading a book and had that weird dream. Ha! Ha!” But then I heard something from the study room “BANG! BANG!” I was surprised so I peeked in &, a drum jumped out saying, “Hello BANG BANG!” My jaw fell off, “WHAT!?”

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