Rudra Somani

8 Years


Dubai-My Surprise Trip! Travel Blog by Rudra,8, Surat

What’s your favourite holiday? 8-year-old Rudra from Surat writes about his surprise holiday to Dubai.

Dubai for kids review in places with Sara Bookosmia

One day I woke up and I was told we are traveling. I didn’t know where I was going.

First, we went to the international airport in Mumbai.

There, we took an Emirates flight that took two and half hours to reach Dubai.  We stayed in a seven star hotel and visited places such as Legoland, Snowpark, Burj Khalifa and Water Park. We also bought Legos art stuff and Burj Khalifa memorabilia. Then we visited malls and saw people holding a huge eagle on their arms!

We also visited few more places such as Ferrari World, the haunted theme park and mini land. We also went for a desert safari. We finally came back home and had happy holidays.

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