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What colour are my many moods? | Essay | Bookosmia

Everyone experiences an eclectic range of moods every day. Different circumstances and surroundings, determine how we feel. Can you associate a colour with each mood? 13 year old Suhani Khemka does it, beautifully and colourfully. Read here at Bookosmia

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Everyone experiences an eclectic range of moods every day. Different circumstances and
surroundings, determine how we feel.

As a teenager with raging hormones, no one, literally no one can predict what mood is going to
take over me. Small things, like even clicking a good picture of myself can make me happy.
While a difficult math sum could ruin the hour for me. Every mood has its own vibe, and the
same goes for colours. Moods and colours happen to blend really well with each other.

Happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, and surprise are the basic emotions which I feel. I get super mad when someone repeatedly tells me to do something. Like my mother continuously asking me to get up in the morning. The more you say it, the later I am going to do it. My emotions go all red when that happens.


Somethings make me really happy and excited, like seeing a new cat, or getting new baking equipment or story books. I associate English pink with that feeling, because of how light and sober yet cheerful that color is.


When I am with nature- the lush green trees, the endless seas, the happy sky, the fresh air, I feel infinite. I go
into a state of utter peace and tranquility. I would say that feeling is ice blue- so calm and peaceful. Watching a comedy movie or spending an hour joking and laughing with my family is top on my favourite-things-to-do list. It makes me feel jolly and yellow.

Along with that, I feel some complex moods too- which are pretty rare. They just happen, not because of anything specific. For me, a light-heartened mood would be lilac purple. At that moment, I feel good about everything, and small wins make me blissful. While I love being in that idyllic state of mind, my least favorite mood is when I feel melancholic. I associate grey  with that feeling. I feel blank and my life feels colourless.


Another of my favourite mood is when I feel crazy- as in good crazy. That is definitely orange for me. I could dance my heart out (if given the privacy) when I am in that mood. I feel like a total adrenaline junkie at that point.


It is natural to experience different moods in a day. Its mostly impossible for me to keep track
of my mood swings, but it gradually gets easier to control them.

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