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Mood swings..are like abstract art? | Essay | Bookosmia

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Haven’t we all felt a sudden rush of emotions one second and the complete opposite the next? Haven’t we felt several moods on the same day, going from feverish anticipation to gloomy sadness?

Experiencing mood swings is usual, rather, the different moods I experience in a day are more like a piece of abstract art, the vibrant hues representing my emotions. Looking forward to the next day, no matter what it might bring, means to me hope, hope that something good might happen. A mood I associate with yellow – a fierce determination and ecstasy.

In contrast, anger – a mood I associate with red when I feel my patience slipping away, and then a boiling rage, only to be replaced by a lingering guilt in the aftermath.


And, lastly, black – a color that reminds me of a calm atmosphere, where the cool darkness can comfort me; it is as if I am surrounded by a dark nothing that relaxes me.


There are incidents that trigger these emotions and it is equally important to learn how to manage them.  Undoubtedly, we might find it hard to manage our mood swings but it is important to keep in mind that experiencing them is completely normal.

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