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Starring Tracy Beaker | Book Review | Bookosmia

Want a book recommendation? 12 year old Isha R, a Bookosmian from Chennai, gives us one – Starring Tracy Beaker.
She goes to NSN memorial senior secondary school.
Starring Tracy Beaker Book Review Bookosmia
Book review – Starring Tracy Beaker – For ages 8+
Book : Starring Tracy Beaker
Author : Jacqueline Wilson
This story is about a girl named ‘Tracy Beaker’, who was in a children’s home but she called it ‘The Dumping ground’ – (children are dumped here as no one wants them). It’s not what you think. Tracy Beaker is not dumped as no one wants her. She was left there as her mum, Carly Beaker, was too busy, making movies in Hollywood to look after her. Tracy is a naughty little girl with an uncontrollable temper. Her worst enemy was Justine (Good-for-nothing) Littlewood, a rude evil bully.
Tracy’s school has an upcoming play and she wishes she could play the main character. Unfortunately, due to her bad temper, she gets into sticky situations. Does she get to play the part she wants? For that, do read the book.
Key characters in the story  and their personalities-
Tracy Beaker: Naughty and uncontrollable with her temper.
Justine Littlewood: Rude and an evil bully.
Cam: Tracy’s foster mom who is kind, gentle and loving.
Elaine: Stupid social worker of Tracy.
Carly Beaker: Tracy’s mom who is kind, beautiful and busy.
Peter: Weedy and a sensitive boy who invented the petition idea.
Louise: Beautiful, Long-haired, wicked (The Christmas ‘past’ character of role play) and an early friend of Tracy Beaker.
Freddy: The Christmas ‘present’ character of the role play.
Philip: Tall, pea-brained boy who is the Christmas ‘yet to come’ character of the role play.
Mike: Loving, caring and a kind boy.
Jenny: Kind, affectionate and a loving girl.
Miss Simpkins: Kind, loving teacher and The most liked teacher by Tracy Beaker.
Mrs Darlow: A strict teacher.
Miss Brown: Crazily kind maths teacher
I think that this is a story with suspense, humour and twists. This story is one of the main reasons which makes Jacqueline Wilson my favourite novelist.  My favourite part is when Peter included the signature of Beyoncé and Mickey Mouse in his petition! My favourite character is, of course, TRACY BEAKER!!!
Whatever mood I am in, reading this book always makes me feel relieved and happy. Reading this story is a great time pass especially when boredom hits you!
I give this story 5 stars. Recommended age group for this book is 8+.

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