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Razia Sultan- A Dust Storm in Delhi |Book Review and Podcast by Nidhi Mishra & Kamini Gupta

Razia Sultan book Meena Arora Nidhi Mishra Podcast

Dust Storm In Delhi- A book on Razia Sultan by Meena Arora- Nidhi Mishra and Kamini Gupta in conversation with author Meena Arora

Why do we want to forget Razia Sultan, the first and last female emperor of the Delhi Sultanate? Why do we not know enough of this phenomenal woman hero? Time to make amends. Catch up on Razia’s dramatic life in this podcast.

The book tells the tale of what happens when in mid-thirteenth century the ruler of Delhi, Razia Sultan was taken captive by the rebel noble Ikhtiyaarudin Altunia.

About Traveling Time With Books Podcast-

A passion for literature and culture brings together two old IIM batchmates Kamini Gupta, Faculty at Kings Business School, London and Nidhi Mishra, Founder of Bookosmia(smell of books) as they read, analyse and discuss with the author, books of history that take us back in time. Traveling through the centuries is possible only in books and In this podcast #indianhistory #bookspodcast


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