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Wish we all had a Book Uncle of our own!  Read this book review by 11 year old Chayna from Chennai of Book Uncle and Me by Uma Krishnamaswami at Bookosmia

Book Uncle and me book review bookosmia

Book Name-Book Uncle and Me

Author- Uma Krishnamaswami

One day, as I was done reading all my own books, I went to the bookshelf in our living room and
found ‘Book Uncle and Me’ which was a middle sized book with a yellow cover.  I am so happy
that I picked it.


I was fascinated by the story when I read the first pages so I decided to continue reading it. What I like the most about this book is that the story happens in my country (India) and that the main character is a girl  who is funny and intelligent.

The little girl named Yasmin loves books like anything and can read a new one everyday because of the Book Uncle. Her love for books helps her to fight for Book Uncle to stay in the village. I think it is impressive that a girl as young as Yasmin is able to protest and change a rule and open the heart of the mayor of her village. It is a story about justice and I love it because I hate injustice.

I loved that all the disadvantages and injustice are turned into fights and become happy endings.  Also I enjoyed the fact that there are many small stories in the story. The way all characters are different makes it even more interesting so I hope that you will want to read this book too!

I finished the book in half a day but shorter the book , the more I want to creatively imagine details of the
story. I will make sure to remember this book forever.

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