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The Bird with Golden Wings by Sudha Murty | Book Review | Bookosmia

How is Sudha Murty’s ‘The bird with golden wings’? 11 year old Keya Shah, a Bookosmian from Vadodara reviews the book for us!
The Bird with Golden Wings Sudha Murthy Bookosmia
“You should not be sensitive, sensitive people suffer a lot.”
That is a quote from the book ‘The Bird with Golden Wings.’
Sudha Murty is one writer whose understanding of the Indian upbringing style, values and ethos is incredible. She almost effortlessly conveys it time and again through her stories while keeping the readers – both kids and adults entertained. This book is yet again another gem from her and will definitely make children ask for more.
The Bird with Golden Wings is a children’s book on enchanting tales. It has 21 short stories about magical creatures, kings and ordinary men who sometimes make one laugh and at other times impart lessons on basic human values of being kind and good at heart.
It has stories about a poor girl who was rewarded by a golden bird for her kindness and about a fisherwoman who had to pay the price for being too greedy. It has Prince Amritsena outsmarting sage Kashyap’s disciples and Rohini who learns the trick of catching a goddess.
There are stories about a village girl’s sacrifice and bravery. On one hand you will laugh reading about King Parikshit who had donkey ears and on other hand wonder how Manjunath will teach his son Anil a lesson in wisdom.
This book is my favorite as it has multiple stories and it is interesting too. Prince Amritsena is the main character. My favorite character is Varsha who got the golden bird.
I suggest to read this book as it has multiple stories and different morals too. The age group is 8+. I rate this book with 4 out of 5.

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