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Geranium. You find it in the most beautiful things | Essay | Bookosmia

What’s the strangest colour according to you?  8 year old Ishaan Sarkar, a Bookosmian From Thane, writes about an unusual choice!

geranium essay bookosmia

There are many colours in nature –  red, blue, green, turquoise, magenta, buff– you name it, you get it. The vibrant colours of flowers in a meadow look like a rainbow spread across the ground.

My favourite colour among all colours is Geranium. You find geranium in the most beautiful things, the first being the flower in itself. I like hibiscuses, and if you ever come across a field of hibiscuses, it would look like a blessing from Goddess Kali!

I feel grateful to be a part of this colourful world. Most of the time, my mood changes with nature. When the thunder comes, I feel sad. But rain is always there to cheer me up. Winter can make me a boycicle (boy turned into a icicle) and I turn into my favourite blue, brilliant blue!

 I like to see the trees with their bare boughs. In spring, the picturesque lush green leaves have a wonderful effect. It feels like earth reborn. In the summer, the first thing that will meet your eye is the luminous sun.

I like this world full of colours. If Earth had no colours, people’s mood would change, they would always be in gloom and despair.


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