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Saksham Bansal

12 Years

14 Years

Om Parkash Bansal Modern School


Nature-We started from it and we will end here | Poem

nature poem bookosmia

Nature is a precious gift from God,

Of nature, we should take care.

Else it will be gone,

And we will have no place to share.

recycle poem bookosmia

Re-use, re-cycle we always should

Avoid cutting the trees for wood.

Trees and plants we should always grow

Because we may be left with nothing to see or show


Natural resources we should not waste,

We might end up losing them in life’s haste.

Water we should spend nicely,

To avoid misery later, use everything wisely.


Nature has given us a lot,

Take care of it or the trees will rot.

We started from it and we will end here,

Of nature, we should always take care.

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