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What colour is confidence? | Essay

confidence emotion bookosmia

The word confident goes hand in hand with the word success. To achieve success of any kind one must have ample confidence in one’s ability.

However we must be careful that we do not allow our confidence to turn into over confidence. Flaming  orange is the colour which I associate with confidence. Whenever I have to take part in a public speaking  contest, I make sure that my attire has this colour present. I have also come to realize that being well prepared for any situation boosts my confidence immediately and immeasurably.


Personally I have found out that my confidence takes a hit when I am ill prepared for any contest. A feeling  of negativity spreads through my body. When I am confident, I can literally hear the beating of drums in my
head. This is a sure way of finding out how high my confidence levels are.

All in all I feel that without confidence one will not be able to achieve one’s goals.

Confidence colour essay Bookosmia

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