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Belonging- Where Am I From | Poem

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Where Am I from?

Brought up in a discrete middle-class family,
A mystical blend of conventions and modernism,
Imperishable relationships garnished with veracity,
And traditions which build cherished memories.


Donned with tantalizing fragrance of Sea Rose,
Accessorized with a polished smart watch,
A pendant which symbolizes motherly love
And a black thread tied around the ankle.


Baking truffles, pies, muffins and cakes
And messing up with the immaculate kitchen.
Initiating a destructive hurricane,
Only, to got beaten with a stick and a broom.


Lying on the lousy sofa like a couch potato
And clinging on a mythological or a romantic book,
With my mind lost into a hypothetical world
The day seems to pass off momentarily.

reading books poem bookosmia


With a distinct playlist in my I Phone,
Mesmerized my Mohammed Rafi, Alka Yagnik,
Finding myself stuck in the older generation,
My triumph in ‘Antakshari’ is irresistible.


Tediously waking on sluggish Sundays,
By the aroma of my dad “cooking Maggie.”

maggi poem bookosmia

My life is an incessant river of joy and laughter,
And I pay my heartfelt gratitude to the One who made it so.
As life penetrates into me when the sun rises,
I thank God, my parents and all I love.


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  1. Vivid and neatly crafted vocab of versatile life of a kids as they flourish in a lively family…kudos for the elaborate painting of words

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