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‘We Miss You, Teachers’ Poem by 14 year old Bookosmian from Dahod, Gujarat

Read with Sara Poem by Niti Patel from Gujarat

This is for you,
For all the teachers who tell us to form a queue.
This lockdown is keeping us away,
But we love you the same way.

This lockdown should open fast,
Otherwise, our patience won’t last.
We don’t know what to do,
We are forgetting the manners taught by you.

This is the first time we want to study,
And not to play with a teddy.
We need someone to laugh with,
We remember the classes we were at.

A month before,
we were happy when the school bell rang
But now we want to sit on the benches
we used to bang.

We miss you
And you might be missing us too.


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