Veer Seth

15 Years

52 Years

Delhi Public School


‘Vanity’ A Beautiful Poem by 15 year old Veer Seth from Kolkata

Vanity by Veer Seth

Tender touch, mild comforts,

Small wishes, meek thoughts,

Calm splendor, gouged glory,

Stupid needs and stupid wants.


Come across the wind,

Where pain flows downhill,

You see the striking stars,

Flowing like tar.


Toxic comfort, harmful lies,

Wishing beyond your needs lie,

Fly beneath and look above,

Trying to hold it all in,

I breathe out.


Taking it all in,

Memories, complexities,

Undiscerned emotions,

Walking, Running, Leeching,

In the midst of a fickle mind.


Insecurities, uncomfort,

Trying to accept it all,

I plunder my thoughts,

Of carnal courage, terminal yet with a placid suave,

I take it all in, again,

Making myself reacquainted,

I breathe in.


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