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Toy story - Dad’s childhood memory

This story from my dad’s childhood is of the time when he was two and a half years old.

One day, he went with his parents to a footwear market. While they were roaming around, my dad saw a toy seller selling toys on the side of the road.


Toy story - Dad’s childhood memory


The toy seller was showing a toy by moving it around, to a buyer. As my grandparents did not know about this, they kept moving ahead in the market. My dad also kept moving with them. After a few minutes, he said to his parents, “I want hi-tucka.”


Toy story - Dad’s childhood memory


My grandparents thought that ‘hi-tucka’ is not even a word and maybe they are hearing it all wrong. So, they assumed that my dad is asking for a ‘hi-chappal’ i.e., a big sized slipper. Hence, they went back to all the footwear shops and showed a lot of slippers to my dad, but he kept saying no. While they were searching for more shops, they came across the same toy seller on the side of the road. Then my dad ran to the toy seller and pointed at a toy helicopter and started saying excitedly “hi-tucka, hi-tucka.”


Toy story - Dad’s childhood memory


Then my grandparents realized that my dad was asking for ‘a toy helicopter’. They bought the toy helicopter for my dad.



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