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Vacation ideas - Here’s what I will do

One day, I asked my mum when my summer vacations were going to start. I got excited when my mum informed me that my school’s summer vacations are going to start in three days.


We had 24 days off before school would resume, so I had a long time to enjoy during the vacations and was extremely happy. I started to think what all I can do during this vacation.


Vacation ideas - Here’s what I will do

Since it was the pandemic period, I couldn’t leave the house at all to play tennis and meet my friends or visit any other places. So, I thought about games that I can play at home and the first game that came to my mind was Mikado.


In this game, we have a bunch of plastic sticks and we have to take the sticks out of the bunch without moving the other sticks around it and points are scored according to that. By playing Mikado, I learnt how to concentrate more and how to be patient.


Vacation ideas - Here’s what I will do



Other games that I would like to play are indoor cricket, football, riding the cycle, playing Ouch, Housie, Ludo and craft. And the other things that I want to do is watch all the Harry Potter movies!


My mum has enrolled me on a Harry Potter workshop which would be a lot of fun for me. In the workshop, we will be solving riddles, craft and colouring and a few other things.


Vacation ideas - Here’s what I will do


I would love to play with my little sister, do hand painting and spend some more time with her. I also want to learn how to cook dishes like cake, homemade pizza, pasta and a few other things.

I wish to do all the above-mentioned tasks and hope my vacations go just as per my plan.


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