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Save Tigers – The Time To Act Is Now | Bookosmia

Save tigers - The time to act is now

Did you know that the tiger population has decreased by 97 percent in this world! To think they are the pride of our nation!

The first thing that we can do to save tigers is to create awareness among people. We can bring attention to this cause by creating and posting leaflets, giving ads in newspapers and social media.


 Save tigers - The time to act is now


We should stop poaching tigers. Killing tigers would make a disbalance in the eco-system and also the animal food chain.

As tigers become extinct day by day, the other animals in the food chain would not have anyone to depend on, and they will certainly die too. We use tiger skin for fancy accessories and room decors which should not be allowed.


 Save tigers - The time to act is now

A century ago, there were 100k tigers that were roaming around the wild but now there might be as few as 3200.

The forests where the tigers live are used by many farmers for agriculture purposes, due to this reason, tigers have to venture out and get killed.

I truly believe that the government should make strict laws so that we can save tigers.


 Save tigers - The time to act is now


This is not only a duty but a huge responsibility. It is said the if nature is responsible for your existence then you should also be responsible for nature’s existence.


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