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Time flies : Find joy in small moments| Poem by 13 year old Krisha from Delhi

Sit back and enjoy the little things, writes 13 year old Krisha from Delhi in this introspective poem on how time flies. What makes you happy?

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Time flies : Finding joy in small moments 

Today I can’t help but remember those days
When I had endless time to continue my silly ways
When everything was fine and

Bedtime was around nine.

Everyday I went out to play
When my life was not yet sculptured

It was but a lump of modeling clay.

When I was fresh as a miniature plant
When I wasn’t coerced to take a chance

Happiness ,sadness, anxiety wasn’t felt by me
Because I was but all day free

These 13 years of my existence have not been a poem but surely a perplexing story

Though I am still a young tree whose fruit is unripe
But to cherish those blossoming moments
Today I am running out of time !

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