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Teacher’s Day | Poem By 9 old Saanvi from Bangalore

How did you celebrate Teacher’s day? 9 year old Saanvi from Bangalore has a fun poem to mark the occasion. P.s: She has thrown a big word at us. Do you know what it means?
teachers gratitude poem

My teachers : The bright lights of My world

Stunning, dazzling, gentle but firm, are my sparkling stars..


My teachers -Beautiful as each petal of a flower!


Now let’s get to know my teachers…


Who have plenty of wonderful features!


With them we bloom like blossoms, without them we wither away,


And they handle all our  problems in a very calm way.


As active as the day, as elegant as the night,


All my teachers are shining bright!


As unique as a snowflake,


As gentle as the breeze,


As warm as the sun,


As perfect as the moon,


As wise as an old tree, They all seem so wonderful to me!


Now what more do I say, just that my teachers are…..


Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in each and every way!

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