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Thank you to all my teachers | Blog by Shivansh from Howrah

Teachers are not just in the classroom. Shivansh from Howrah pens a heartfelt note for the many people from whom he learns everyday.

Thank you teachers bookosmia

Teachers play an important role in our lives. They guide us on the path of righteousness and protect us from any evil that may befall us. They show us the path to success. They impart us with education, which we need for a better life. They show us the path of light, wisdom and fame. All that we know, comes from teachers.


All the people around me have taught me something vital about life’s adventures that I’ll have to face during my lifetime. The most noteworthy of them all is Ma’am Pushpa Anthony. She has been around from when I was in Class 1. Even when she was not teaching me any subject she continuously used to support me with all her love and care.


My web-based teachers like Wikipedia, Wiki Fandom and YouTube have played a significant role in my learning. They have taught me a variety of things like national anthems, history of various countries and digital summaries of a variety of books.


My mother taught me morals, values and habits that we need to follow to do well. From taking my first ever step, to reading my very first book, to celebrating festivals for the first time or planning our vacations, she has always been there.

I love you Mom Womens Day Bookosmia


I love recording videos. My father teaches me the art of photography and video-making. He is an expert photographer; I have to admit. My father also times things, to teach me the importance of time. He educates me about economics and commerce in which he has great expertise.


Anybody around us can become teachers if we are ready to learn from them with an open mind and an accepting heart. I am grateful for all the teachers in my life.

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