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Read with Sara: Story- Three brave girls and their love for adventure

Read with Sara Stories for kids by young writer Yaazhini from Chennai Bookosmia

One day, in my school library I read a story book about a magic lamp that was  in a deep cave in a village near the border of Tamil Nadu. I told my friends named Prathyusha and Akshara about this.

“What? Is that true?” my two friends asked. Yes, of course, I read about it in the library book.” The next day we planned to go to that deep cave. We started the journey to find the magic lamp, by walking first. We came to a farm which was nearby and there we found three horses. We asked the farmer, “Uncle, shall we take your three horses and we will give the horses back to you by tomorrow evening,we promise.” The farmer was kind enough and gave the  horses to us. We resumed our journey by horses and we reached a small  forest. There the trees were in the same color and shape. We thought we were lost when we came to the middle of the small forest. We tied the horses under a big tree. We ate snacks and drank water and we started the journey again.

Suddenly, we heard two men screaming but we couldn’t understand why. We listened carefully and my friend Prathyusha said, “I hear the sound from the  nearby village.” We went to the village where we saw two barbarians carrying two men to eat, we all got scared. Then we moved slowly behind a big hut. My friend Akshara said that the hut looks very big, so we can stay here this night.  We put up our tent and we all slept nicely. When we woke up in the morning we saw a lady in that hut and she also had a bullock cart. We asked her, “Aunty, we want your bullock cart and we will return it back today afternoon. Until then we leave the horses with you, they will rest’’. She said okay and we started our  journey in the bullock cart.

We traveled for some time and found a big forest. I said, “This is the big forest  that I have read about in the story book.”

“Come on friends, let us go into the forest,” Pratyusha said. We went into the  forest and there were many trees and we all got really scared. After going into  the big forest, we found the cave.

“Something is glittering inside,’’ I said. “It would be the lamp. Come on,”  Akshara said. We all went into the cave but there was a bear with the magic lamp. We all got scared, but my friend Pratyusha gave me a wooden stick and  my friend Akshara gave me a matchbox. We lit the wooden stick and the fire shocked the bear. It left the magic lamp there itself and ran away.


We took the  magic lamp and started the journey back to home. We left the big forest and came to the village. We returned the bullock cart to the lady in the hut and we took back the three horses. “Thank you Aunty, for taking care of  these horses,” we said.


We then came to the small forest, where we ate snacks while going. We picked some flowers for our moms and started our journey. We reached the farm, we  patted the horses softly and left them with the farmer. We said goodbye to the farmer and then we walked home. On the way home, we discussed who would  carry the lamp home.


“I have one idea, Yaazhini should carry the lamp home.” Akshara said. I asked,  “Me, but why?”Pratyusha said “Because, you only told us about the secret magic lamp first.” I agreed.


I came home and my mother asked, “How was your journey, my child?” I told her it was good and gave her the flowers I had picked for her. “Thank you dear,” my mom said.


The next day I went to school with the magic lamp. My two friends Akshara, Pratyusha and I made a wish each. First my friend Pratyusha wished, “I wish my two friends and I should go to picnic with our families.” Second my friend Akshara wished, “All my friends and I should go on a tour, just like how the three of us went.”
Then third I wished, “I wish our class would go a beach as an excursion trip.”

Some days passed and we three and our families went for a picnic. Then us with all our friends went to a long tour , just like the three of us had earlier. Many days passed but my wish wasnt granted by the magic lamp. I was a bit  sad but suddenly, one day our class teacher announced an excursion trip to  the beach. I was very surprised. We enjoyed at the beach a lot!  The lamp had  granted all our wishes and we all were so happy.

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