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Akshita Saraf

12 Years

53 Years

La Martiniere for Girls


‘The Upside Down World Next Door’ Story by 12 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

Read with Sara The upside down world next door with Akshita Saraf

We all know that urban life keeps us busy.

From dawn to dusk, we are all engaged in some form of work or the other. We barely have time to interact with friends and family except on weekends.

I had been leading such a life in Mumbai until my father shifted to Delhi. As soon as we reached there, my parents got me enrolled into a new school, almost two times larger than my old school. We shifted to a 21 storeyed apartment where we occupied the 19th floor. There were two more flats in our floor. The first one was a family like us while the other flat members never stepped out of their house. So I thought that the flat was vacant but my doubts were cleared when I heard some weird noises coming from that house. This made me curious to know what was happening in that flat.

One day, I knocked the door of that flat and I was welcomed by fairies. I rubbed my eyes and thought this was a dream but it was not. The fairies were really large in number and appeared to be an army. They wore beautiful dresses and held magic wands. Seeing them, a lot of questions popped up in my mind as to what they were doing here and what were they up to?

The chief of the fairy army came forward to talk to me. She said, “Dear girl, you seem very confused to me and I am going to clear all your doubts. We are here to show you another world with magic because you have never believed in magic and mocked us a lot.” I went blank listening to her. Many emotions ran wide through my mind. I was a bit terrified and a bit excited too.

The fairy muttered a magic spell and doors lined up one after the other in front of me. I was told to go inside. I made an assumption that it may be a new world with some unexpected twists and turns or it may be anything magical. The door opened and I couldn’t believe my eyes that my impossible assumption had become my reality.

The world I saw was upside down!

The scene was weird. Humans were walking on their hands with their legs up, the trees were upside down which means the roots were in place of the branches and leaves and vice-versa. I could never think of such a tree.  I stepped in and I was forced to walk on my hands like others. Then I walked in, it was fun walking like that.

I was shocked to see such a school where there were neither studies nor exams. The most attractive portion of the new place was that there was a barter system like the olden days. The people were distributing some food and sweets. Some festival was going on I guess. I was given some sweets and they were delicious. I loved them.

For food, they would depend on a magical carpet in which the food would appear in front of you according to your choice. Like, I thought of tacos and within a couple of seconds, a plate full of tacos appeared before me.

The place was as big as a city, with a circumference of 95 km surrounded by seven walls. My new friends, the fairies, made me visit the amazing amusement park there. I was super excited seeing it. The amazing rides were different compared to the other rides in reality. There were some talent shows held where one would get a chance to represent themselves in front of everybody. Even I went to showcase my music skills and got a lot of appreciation.

Unfortunately, time was up and the world disappeared. The flat to which I had gone was now empty. I rushed to my mother. After telling her about the magical incident she refused to believe me. Now I will surely start to believe in magic as well as fairies. In my mind I would always be desirous to visit such a world again.


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