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‘The old chicken’s Valentine’s day wish’ Story by 9 year old Bookosmian from Gurgaon

Story- The old chicken’s Valentine’s day wish

The chicken voiced it’s natural alarm early in the morning, signaling the start of a fresh day. It woke up everybody close by. The crows got out of their nests, finding their breakfast.

Squirrels running; crows cawing; chickens clucking! It was a busy morning for all!

The farm men were happy and discussing about who has more animals. The crows were Salem’s and the chickens were Jay’s.

One of the chickens from Jay’s farm wanted to be a friend of a crow who was Salem’s, but couldn’t muster the courage to ask the crow.

After a few years, the chicken’s friends were all dead. The chicken too was getting sick as he grew older. He had had a good life but he still wished the crow could be his friend. Jay thought of selling him but nobody would take him.

One day, the chicken was roaming in Salem’s field.  Suddenly the younger chickens started to bully him. As soon as the crow saw that, she flew toward him, shooing the crows away, and took the chicken to a safe place.

The chicken asked the crow “How can I ever repay you for this?”

The crow replied in a sweet manner “Just be my friend and live with me for as long as you can.”

The chicken was filled with glee to hear this. His dream of having a loving friend had come true.


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