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‘A camping trip to Lansdowne’ Place review by 9 year old Bookosmian from Gurgaon

Places with Sara Landsdowne travel review by kids Bookosmia

Activities with Sara Places to visit Bookosmia

Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here! Welcome to my ‘Places with Sara‘ section 


I can’t wait to pack my bags and head out. Until then lets read through these wonderful travel memories from kids. Let’s keep our wish lists ready!

Today’s travel review is by  9 year old Shivpriya Bhargava from Gurgaon who went on an exciting camping trip to Lansdowne, Uttarakhand and tells us all about it! So cool!  Shivpriya is a student of Word Munchers and goes to Amity International School.


I went for a camping trip to Lansdowne, a hill station. I went with my family which included  my  grandparents and cousins.


First we all gathered at New Delhi railway station to board the train. It was an overnight journey and we reached in the morning by 7:00 am. We felt very refreshed in the morning.

Finally, we reached our destination! We went to camp near a lake.

Landsdowne travel review by kids Bookosmia



Now the most difficult task was to pitch a tent, to live in! My parents built it and I also learnt how to do it.

Places with Sara Landsdowne travel review Bookosmia


At night, we all lit a bonfire and roasted marshmallows! There were leeches and bugs and because of them we had to put insect repellent everywhere around us.

places with Sara landsdowne travel review by kids Bookosmia



Then we woke up and my father and I, did some exercises. After that, I read a story book in the tent and my father went for a walk in the forest.

Places with Sara Landsdowne travel review by kids Bookosmia



In the evening, around 7:30 pm we all laid outside on the grass and started counting stars.

We enjoyed the fresh breeze near the lake, and it was really fun!

In the morning, everyone took a bath in the stream. As we were taking a nature walk, we heard the sound of barking. We turned back and saw a little puppy injured. We took him to the tent, fed him and tended to the injury.

places with Sara travel review of landsdowne by kids Bookosmia



My father gave first aid to the puppy. He was very cute, furry and small.  After two days he was very energetic and started playing with us!

The next day we came home.

I learnt so much from the camping trip like how to pitch a tent. I spent great time with family and really enjoyed nature. I had lots of fun! And I would love going to more such camping trips. Everyone loves to go to camps right?


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