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Aaradhya Didwania

8 Years

53 Years

Calcutta International School


The joy of mangoes | Poem by 8 year old from Kolkata

There is one thing that never fails to light up our faces. All hail, the king of fruits, mango is here! And 8 year old Aaradhya from Kolkata has a poem handy


Sara reads stories for kids by Aaradhya Kolkata

Poem: Mangoes

Oh! The season has come
For the king of fruits
The one that lifts my mood
And it is my favourite without any dispute.


Every bite of a mango gives different flavours to me
Be it tangy, sweet or sour
I am bound to make faces
and if its sweet, my favourite, I will for sure devour.


Children play under the mango tree
And new friendships blossoms
All they wait for is the rain
For the juicy fruits to be ripe too soon.

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