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#SaraReads: Story- A Girl and her Music

#SaraReads stories for kids by young writer Agastya Dehradun



Radha was a young, chirpy girl who lived in a small cottage with her parents, by the forest. A river flowed close by and the forest was full of trees and birds. 


Radha loved to play games and read books, but she disliked music. Infact, she  thought it was silly and wondered why people were interested in it. Radha had  a little brother who was 3 years old whom she loved very much. Both her parents loved to listen to music and were good singers themselves. They  wondered why Radha did not like to play the flute. But decided to let her be. 


Radha and her brother loved to play near the river as there was no cottage or house for miles and miles. They also played by the forest and loved adventures and games. They often longed for adventure and waited for a day full of  excitement. Little did they know, it would come soon.


It was Sunday morning and after they finished having breakfast,  they went  out to play near the river. The children and their father  had recently built a nice wooden hut which was a hideout for them. The children were fairly good at carpentry and had helped their father build the hideout.


They were lazing by  the river, and suddenly Radha decided to go for a swim. Her brother stayed  back on the bank. Radha was enjoying herself in the river when she suddenly developed stomach cramps (this happened often) and she began to find it difficult to stay afloat. As she struggled in the river, she started to scream for help. She was beginning to lose control and was panting for  breath.


Radha’s father and brother rushed to the river, but both of them were not  great swimmers. They did not know how to save Radha. Suddenly her younger brother had an idea- he asked their father to play the flute. Radha heard the flute play at a distance, and felt some warmth in her heart. She slowly began to calm down and came to her senses. She began to flap her legs, and started to swim. Her cramps eased and she started to move towards her father. She  swam safely to the bank and hugged her father and brother.


Radha soon began to appreciate music and learnt to play the flute.  Now all of  the family enjoy music and play the flute together as a choir. They lived happily ever after.

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